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Employee Engagement Fad or Trend

By Lisa Hays, Fresh Perspective and Susan Spaulding, Recalibrate Strategies
Posted June 24, 2015

Image of smiling employeesfad
something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time

a general direction in which something is developing or changing

While some Employers might be hoping Employee Engagement is a fad, one of the biggest trends in employee engagement today is in the way a company and its management view the concept as it relates to their own company. Rather than just a discrete annual survey that attempts to gauge the level of satisfaction each employee has, businesses are beginning to recognize that employee engagement needs to be an ongoing process integrated tightly with company objectives.

Since it is the drive and motivation from committed employees which advances the fortunes of any company, it stands to reason that one of the most important strategic objectives of any company should be to foster the greatest possible level of employee engagement among its employees. In fact, this can literally become one of the single largest differences between successful companies and those that fail to achieve success.

Historical approach
Employee engagement has been around the workplace as a concept almost as long as employees themselves have been around the workplace, although it only began to receive formal attention in the last two or three decades. In the early 80's, Gallup and other survey companies first addressed the issue of how committed employees were to the success of their respective companies, and what their corresponding level of involvement was on the job.

New approach to engagement
A more modern approach is now needed because the annual survey method simply is not keeping up with the current pace of business and prevailing attitudes. The level of detail is insufficient to be truly useful, is unable to accurately reflect real-time results, and does not take into account the many factors that influence employee commitment to the company. Up to now, surveys have considered the prime reasons for disengagement to be fairly simplistic and often attributable to a specific supervisor, which overlooks many of the current components for dis-satisfaction.

Because there is now a large infusion of technology and younger workers into most companies, those businesses need to be more flexible and transparent to that youth. The company's overall values and mission need to be related to all employees, and management has to be trained in these same values so they can be seen to support and live them on their own. When the right employees have been selected to fit this model, the business environment must become one where adaptability, re-design, and improvement are part of the ongoing paradigm.

Fad or trend?
It is highly unlikely that this trend toward a more holistic and continuous process is simply a blip on the radar that will give way to some hot new successor in business philosophy. Former attempts to engage individual employees are being seen now as less practical and less advantageous than building an organization which inspires commitment from employees, allows for personal growth, has a fair scale of compensation, rewards top performers, and provides branding that employees admire.

Building the right organization from the inside out is being seen as the modern way to successfully engage employees.

Recalibrate Strategies
Recalibrate Strategies help companies grow their business. We apply proven marketing systems to recalibrate their business and their brands by collaboratively creating a success blueprint. We facilitate a process that harnesses insights, generates new ideas and provides a strategic roadmap. Our founder and lead consultant has 30+ years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and marketing expert with exceptional leadership and facilitation skills.

Susan Spaulding, Recalibrate Strategies
Twitter: @Spaulding_Susan

Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspective helps business leaders make key strategic decisions. We adeptly research, analyze and synthesize results to deliver only ‘need to know’ insight to leaders so they make the right decision the first time. Lisa Hays, founder and CEO, gained considerable experience from widely varied roles in large corporations. She combines her 30+ years’ experience, expertise and objective viewpoint to directly help business leaders.

Lisa Hays, Fresh Perspective, Inc.
Twitter: @Periwinkle4Lisa



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