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A Fresh Green Perspective

What you don’t know about GREEN & SUSTAINABILITY
COULD hurt you … or help your competitors!

July 2009

With no intention of portraying myself as a “tree hugger” or “alarmist”, I feel a sense of urgency regarding the need for a serious focus and high-priority efforts toward achieving environmental sustainability.  Those of you who have already moved in that direction know the many benefits to the business, the employees and, of course, the environment from making significant strides toward becoming a sustainable business.

However, many business owners and senior managers are simply not aware of how critical making these significant improvements has become – nor the benefits that will accrue to the business for making them. Substantial benefits include increased profitability, enhanced image, stronger customer relationships, recognition from consumers, committed employees, a stronger case for high-level talent to want to work for your business – and of course the environmental benefits that we will all benefit from for years to come.

Yes, economically it’s a really tough time.  No disagreement here.  The list of priorities for the business is long, and the ability to fund new programs is difficult. However, businesses with a strong focus on becoming sustainable are not only more profitable now, but will be better positioned competitively when the economic recovery begins.  I believe in the attached report you will find ways to make a significant impact that are not extremely costly, that make a big difference in reducing waste or increasing energy-efficiency, and a start on clarifying the tools and reasons to begin to make large, quantifiable strides quickly.

Please note the two documents to download at the conclusion of this invitation. They include:

  • A FREE June A Fresh Green Perspective State of Sustainability Report – because I believe that an actual report is the best way to show you what to expect in a monthly report.
  • A table inclusive of many “Topics” that while not all are specifically addressed in the report, are areas of significance within sustainability, and for which we can provide you with research to fill whatever knowledge gaps you may have on those varied topics.  Custom research on these or other pertinent topics is something we can work on with you directly. 

Chances are your company likely falls into one of three categories:

  1. You have multiple green/sustainability initiatives in place and are reaping the rewards. For you, this report will provide additional insight that your “green team” can utilize, information that will help you determine where your company stands relative to others, and business success stories to provide additional ideas and assist in measuring your own progress.
  2. You have just begun initiating green/sustainability programs, have yet to ramp up your programs and aren’t yet realizing significant benefits. For you, this report will provide examples of how to measure the impact of various programs, information on how your company’s progress relates to others, key drivers for sustainability that will assist you in prioritizing additional initiatives along with success stories that provide additional ideas.
  3. You have yet to become convinced that becoming a more green/sustainable business/organization is of great importance.  Therefore, you’ve either made a few small steps, or have yet to begin. For you, this report will provide information and data from several credible sources that will hopefully bring you to the conclusion that your company MUST begin to develop green/sustainability initiatives and these programs warrant high priority status.

Our Point of View is that there are – and will continue to be –
three primary drivers for why companies choose to “Go Green.”
We’ve come to this conclusion by conducting considerable research along with involvement and participation in various environmental and sustainability groups. Based on our view of these three as the key drivers, we have developed A Fresh Green Perspective as a monthly report primarily focused on timely, valuable and actionable information for each of these three categories, in addition to an overview of overall global and US trends. The three primary drivers:

  1. It is good business –   Making changes to make your company and the products and/or services you offer more sustainable delivers profits to the bottom line   (“Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about.” Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  2. Government – Incentives, such as tax credits, rebates, low interest loans, etc., or increasingly frequent need for compliance with various mandates and legislation to avoid penalties.
  3. Supply chain management – Public companies have a considerable head start on pursuing green/sustainable initiatives.  There are now many more public company evaluations that contain specific environmental stewardship or green/sustainability achievement requirements.  Because one of the greatest impacts a company can have on its own sustainability is to have a sustainable supply chain, the expectations for sustainability are trickling down to mid-size and small private companies.

Wherever your company is on the continuum of achieving environmental sustainability, and whatever your reasons for pursuing a green/sustainable business, we hope you will find A Fresh Green Perspective to be a valuable resource for your team on a monthly basis.  As noted above, the June 2009 report (attached) is complimentary.

Beginning in August (July’s report), each month’s report will be delivered electronically to subscribers.   It will be formatted similarly to the June report, and contain new information from studies, legislation or government agency news releases and examples of sustainability initiatives, supply chain requirements, etc. from various U.S. businesses. Subscriptions are $1,000 per month. 

We believe A Fresh Green Perspective is valuable for businesses across industries, company size, ownership type, corporate structure, customer base, and both US only or global businesses, and believe you will find the report’s value to considerably exceed the cost. 

Simply respond to this email, and we will establish your subscription and review additional details with you.

Fresh Perspective also offers:

  1. Customized research and consulting for senior management – to fill whatever knowledge gaps you have in order to make the decisions that drive your business
  2. Assistance in establishing, educating, coordinating and motivating an internal “green team” for your company
  3. Contacts with a number of service providers to conduct energy audits and provide various “green” products/services
  4. Help in identifying and applying for government grants, tax credits, low interest loans, rebates, etc., through programs that have been in place for some time and new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) initiatives
  5. A variety of other research and analysis services – focused on helping you make the right decisions for your business

I hope you will find each month’sA Fresh Green Perspective to provide you with timely, valuable and actionable insight on Green and Sustainability that you can put to work in making the right decisions for your business.

Best regards,

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

P.S. Also check out our website for additional Green insight and resources.

Lisa Hays
President/CEO, Fresh Perspective, Inc.

Copyright 2009 Fresh Perspective, Inc.